Why do I only get this for 90 days?
First and foremost, I WANT YOU TO GET THROUGH THESE CONCEPTS IN LESS THAN 90 DAYS! This is your foundation & the FIRST STEP in becoming the best catcher you can be. Second, I’ve spent months studying learning-trends and one thing stood out, people love binge watching (hence Netflix). It is my goal with this 90 Day Access Pass that you watch, workout along and create your catching routine. At the end of the 90 days, you’ll be ready for more advanced concepts!

Why was this created?
This is a passion-project of mine. I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked about training videos, and for so long, I just gave ALL of my videos out for free, but I realized this community wants more. You want my step by step breakdown. You want to see my programs in action. You want to know how to do it yourself. THAT is what this is all about and that is why I created this revolutionary online training program.

What is included?
The CORE 4 goes through what I believe to be the four keys of the catching position. The Block, The Set-Up, The Frame and The Throw. In this program you’ll progress through these training concepts by listening to me instruct their key points, watching my Jen Schro Catchers in action & most importantly, doing my favorite drills yourself. BONUS Leadership videos attached as well!

How many videos are included in The Series?
The Core 4 highlights the 4 key defensive concepts of catching: the block, the squat, the setup and the throw. In each section there are 5 videos. These videos are made to go in order and progress you from the basic positions into my favorite drills. As an added BONUS, there are 8 secret videos inside The Series.

What if I’m already training with someone?
If you are already training with someone else, this online series will still benefit you! 

What equipment will I need?
Catcher’s equipment, a bucket of balls & a net/fence to throw into. Bonus items: a ladder, a heavy ball & a flat glove.

I am a coach, will this benefit me?
Absolutely! This course is geared towards players and coaches alike!

Can I do this training indoors?
This training can be done anywhere! A backyard, a field, a garage - anywhere!

How do I contact you if I have questions?
You can reach out to us at anytime by emailing [email protected]!